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Grow your leadership capability as fast as your organisation grows by learning from peers and practicing your craft together. Learn from their experience, practice coaching and sharing your own knowledge, and make connections that count.

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Peer Coaching

Live peer coaching sessions where you learn from others experiences and practice your coaching skills.

Discussion Forum

Ask experts and peers for advice, share your learnings and help build a playbook for leadership in scaleups.

Network of Peers

Connect with peers across the industry who share your interest in growing as a scaleup leader.

One size does not fit all

Adopt Adapt Methods

Like coffee*, every company, situation, team, and leader is different. There's no benefit in adopting so-called "best practice" leadership methods blindly.You need to adapt for your specific situation, and the best way to do that is with input from a diverse network with a wide variety of experiences.Your peers in the Scaleup Leaders Network will help you adapt much faster than you can do alone.* OK not so much like coffee, but I like coffee, do you?

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Become a masterful coach

Practice Coaching

One of the most important skills to develop as a leader is coaching. But the only time you get to do that at work is when the stakes are high.The Scaleup Leaders Network is like your practice climbing wall - a safe place to learn, practice, and get feedback from peers without the pressure of performance assessments and career plans.Learn from peers and experts, and coach those a few steps behind you. You'll grow as a leader more than you imagined.

Get to know the best leaders

Make Connections

Whether you're hiring, looking for a job, or seeking reliable business partners, who you know matters.Build a network of people who you want to work and do business with, on a foundation of shared interests, common values, and mutual trust.Get to know them by helping each other grow. They'll want more of you, and you of them - win-win!

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Who is it for?

Are you a Scaleup Leader?

If you consider yourself to be a Scaleup Leader, it's probably for you. Typically you're in a formal leadership role, from CEO to Director level, and working in a venture-backed scale-up or similar high-growth organisation.

How does it work?

Peer Coaching Groups

Initially, we will have one group coaching call per week, which will be on Zoom, and we'll use break-outs so everyone gets the chance to coach and be coached by peers in a small group.As the community grows, we'll add more time slots, and curate the groups to have more common interests and people at similar career stages to maximise the learning opportunities.

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€100 for the first quarter - get your first month free.

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Paid Annually



€360 per year - save 40%, one annual fee for easy expensing.

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Team or Company


Book a call to discuss your needs.

Custom features, consulting and training available.

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  • Custom consulting and training

Who is behind Scaleup Leaders?

I'm Richard Russell, and I'm the founder of Scaleup Leaders.

  • 6 years at Google

  • 2 years at Amazon

  • 7 years consulting with executive teams

  • 3 kids, no pets, likes coffee

Yes, you'll get access to me, but this is about the community, and your peers are why you're here.You can find me on LinkedIn or on

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll launch when there's sufficient interest in the waitlist to have critical mass on launch. You can help by sharing this page to your network and recommending they sign up (assuming they are interested!).

Yes, happy to arrange special deals for groups or companies. Contact me.

Still under development, keen for your input, but here's the starting point:

  1. Respect-first: Everyone makes their own choices about business, career, and even how to lead and manage. The community is here to help them develop leadership and management skills, not to debate their choices. We respect others choices even when we disagree.
  2. Confidentiality: Something like Chatham House confidentiality rules, but with the onus on any individual to be open about any potential conflict of interest when they are hearing someone share something. Anyone found profiting from confidential information will be permanently banned and may be named and shamed.
  3. Non-Commercial: No commercial soliciting (offering services, hiring, job-seeking, company promotion) except in the dedicated area and in your own profile, or in direct response to a relevant and genuine request.

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